Pension Planning

You should start planning for retirement as soon as you start working. This may sound silly but it is true. Most employers have pension plans into which employees pay an amount from their earnings and they receive the pension after they finish working with this employer. It is never too early to look for pension advice so that you have the money you need to be able to enjoy your retirement years.

Financial advisors are skilled at providing personal pension advice and can also give you advice about various pension schemes. Even though you may have a pension plan at work, these professionals can give you work pension advice about how to invest the funds wisely after you retire. If you stop working for an employer and withdraw your pension, you will need advice on how to avoid paying most of it away in taxes. You can also gain valuable information about how to ensure that all your debts are paid in full before you retire.

Here we have listed our Financial Advisors that specialise in Pension Planning and Pension Advice. Many listed are Independent which means they can shop around and get a better pension deal. They can provide personal pension plans or work pension plans or simply give you pension advice. Remember you don't have to take any recommendations that a Financial Advisor gives you.

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NorthStar Wealth Management Group Ltd

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Offers: * We are completely independent and impartial so we can provide the very best advice * Only pay for the services you need with our unique pricing structure * We only employ advisers who have obtained the coveted ‘Chartered Financial Planner’

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